Index tech has launched two world class Products (mobile apps).

logFyndMe: The FyndMe Search App is a guide to accessing the nearest artisan or a local business around you at all times. It is a great tool which connects you with millions of local businesses and service providers. With FyndMe, you can search for information about a local business, plot the results on the map and view directions. When looking for a nearby Plumber,Electrician, Painter or Mechanic, the FyndMe search app is all you need.
With a GPS enabled device, FyndMe identifies your real-time position and generates a list of required artisan(s) closest to you with the estimated distance from your location.
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Schmooze: Schmooze is a campus gossip. It is a platform that allows Tartary institutions across the globe to interact, with each other and also posts latest happenings on their campuses.