The FyndMe Search App is a guide to accessing the nearest artisan or a local business around you at all times. It is a great tool which connects you with millions of local businesses and service providers.

With FyndMe, you can search for information about a local business, plot the results on the map and view directions. When looking for a nearby Plumber,Electrician, Painter or Mechanic, the FyndMe search app is all you need.

With a GPS enabled device, FyndMe identifies your real-time position and generates a list of required artisan(s) closest to you with the estimated distance from your location.
Quickly find nearby Carpenters, Plumbers, Mechanics, Rewires, Gardeners etc with a single tap using FyndMe.
View contact details, address, distance and location of each local service provider registered on the platform
Ratings and Reviews: With each search result, you can read previous reviews and also rate each artisan based on Price and Quality of Service

The FyndMe app is integrated with Google Maps which shows you the exact location of the desired artisan. It has an in-app dial feature which allows you to dial the artisan needed directly from the app. Referrals can also be made by sharing the details of any artisan with contacts on your device via social media or sms
The FyndMe application does not drain your battery life and does not need you to turn on your internet connection always, as you can view the results from your last search even when you are offline.

Whenever you need me, just FyndMe!
We are constantly working on growing the list of categories currently on FyndMe. If a desired category is not available, please write us and we will consider adding it. We will provide more features and consider all suggestions in our next release
Click here to download from the Google Playstore
Additional Information

IOS & Blackberry Coming soon!!!

June 1, 2015
Current Version
Requires Android
2.5 and above

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