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Index Tech-Land is a professional and dynamic technology solutions firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialize in professional e-business solutions with a strong focus on Website Development, Custom Application Development & Mobile Applications Development. We are committed to empowering our clients with world-class standards in the delivery of their services through technology.

Easy to Use, Built on Powerful Technology


The right technology implemented across the right platforms can translate to a consistent and user friendly experience

Memorable Design With The User in Mind


Emotionally moving user experiences that immerse visitors in a visual journey of what makes your brand stand out

We Create Brand new Corporate Solutions

Web Experience & Portals

Custom Application Development

Customer Experience Consulting

Digital Advisory & Consulting

Why Choose Our Firm


We don’t just build websites, we create award-winningdigital experiences – solutions that greatly ensure our clients not only meet but exceed their customers’ expectations.


At Index Tech-Land Limited, we strongly believe in transforming businesses through technological innovations.

Easy to use

Our solutions are unique and tailored for each client; and easy to use while they provide vital support for your business as required.

Successful Marketing Strategies We Love

The Formula to increase Sales Qualified Leads on your Enterprise Website

It takes approximately 5-7 seconds for people to connect with your brand. Your website needs to be optimized for you to get high-quality leads.

Why do Customer Focused User journeys Matter?

Over 76% of website visitors state that being able to easily find the information they are looking for is a key factor in considering a product or service

Why is Brand Alignment Important for B2B Enterprise Website?

Aligning your brand with your identity target customer will help you differentiate from companetitors, attract larger customers and reduce friction in the sales process

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